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Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer / Cobb County Drug Distribution Lawyer

Cobb County Drug Distribution Lawyer

The opioid epidemic has cast many drug users, especially marijuana and heroin users, in a different light. Since a marijuana overdose never killed anyone, use of this drug is nearing social acceptability. Furthermore, since heroin is usually the next step up from opiods, many people see these users as victims.

But public attitude is largely the same toward “drug dealers.” Many people view these people as among the worst individuals in society. Georgia laws reflect this attitude. Drug possession laws are harsh in the Peach State. Drug distribution laws are exponentially harsher.

So, if you face drug distribution or any other criminal charges, you need a complete Cobb County drug distribution lawyer, like Andrew Schwartz. He and his team start fighting for you the moment you pick up the phone. Boxers train for months before they step into the ring, and our team works for months before the trial date. All this hard work usually enables us to resolve criminal cases out of court, and on defendant-friendly terms.

Jail Release

Comprehensive criminal defense begins with jail release. Extended pretrial detention makes a Cobb County drug distribution attorney’s job much harder. For example, incarcerated defendants often accept unfavorable plea bargain agreements so they can “get it over with.”

As soon as they are booked into jail, drug distribution defendants usually have two jail release options:

  • Cash Bond: This jail release option resembles a rental property security deposit. If the renter returns the property in good order, the owner refunds most of the security deposit. Likewise, if a defendant toes the line, the county refunds most cash bond money when the case is resolved.
  • Bail Bond: Most people cannot afford cash bond for drug distribution charges. The amount could be several thousand dollars or more. So, they turn to bail bonds, which are like insurance policies. If Bill’s house washes away and he has flood insurance, the insurance company replaces his house. If Bill skips bail, the bonding company bears the financial risk.

A third option, OR (own recognizance) release, usually isn’t available in serious cases like drug distribution matters.

Once the defendant is out of jail, attorneys are better able to investigate these cases and identify procedural defenses, such as Fourth and Fifth Amendment violations, and substantive defenses, such as a lack of evidence.

Resolving Drug Distribution Charges

Sometimes, an attorney uses these defenses at trial. Much more often, however, an attorney leverages them during plea bargaining sessions. Plea negotiations resolve about 95 percent of the criminal cases in Cobb County.

These agreements usually involve charge reductions, like distribution to possession, and/or sentence reductions, like prison time to probation.

Deferred disposition, a special kind of probation, is usually available in these cases. The defendant pleads guilty, but the judge does not enter a finding of guilt. Then, if the defendant successfully completes probation, the judge dismisses the case. So, the defendant does not have a conviction on his/her permanent record.

This form of probation also has some significant cons. Therefore, only the most experienced lawyers should negotiate such agreements.

Work With a Hard-Hitting Cobb County Lawyer

Criminal cases have procedural and substantive defenses. For a free consultation with an experienced drug distribution lawyer in Cobb County, contact Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. We routinely handle matters in Fulton County and nearby jurisdictions.

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