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Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer / Cobb County Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Cobb County Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Meth-making is the most common drug manufacturing charge in Cobb County. Anyone who participates in such an operation on any level could be charged with drug manufacturing, because of Georgia’s broad conspiracy laws. That includes everyone from the person who shops for meth ingredients to the person who packages the final product, even if they didn’t know all the details about the operation.

Peripheral participation is not a legal defense at trial, but it is a mitigating circumstance during sentencing. In such cases, a Cobb County drug manufacturing lawyer like Andrew Schwartz sometimes employs the slow plea, a little-known but often effective tactic. The defendant pleads guilty and a jury assesses punishment. Only experienced lawyers know about, and know how to use, such tactics. So, working with an inexperienced lawyer is like playing three-on-five basketball.

Should I Hire a Cobb County Drug Manufacturing Lawyer or Go With a Public Defender?

Public defenders and court-appointed lawyers are usually top-flight Cobb County drug manufacturing lawyers. Many judges and senior public defenders have very high standards when they appoint lawyers or hire junior public defenders.

However, that’s not always the case. Many junior public defenders are recent law school graduates trying to work their way up the ladder. Many court-appointed lawyers have considerable experience in another area of law, like family law, but little criminal defense experience.

So, a public interest lawyer is a gamble. Furthermore, defendants have no say-so in the matter. Once the judge or senior public defender assigns an attorney, the defendant cannot ask for a new one, at least in most cases.

Additionally, a public interest lawyer may be unavailable. Many judges assume, rightly or wrongly, that if the defendant had enough money for bail, the defendant also has enough money to hire a lawyer.

Technically, defendants do not need lawyers. But an individual taking on a prosecutor is a bit like a pee-wee football team taking on a professional football team. It’s not a fair fight.

How Do I Hire the Best Lawyer?

As mentioned, experience might be the most important quality in a criminal defense lawyer. Law school teaches students how to think like lawyers. But only experience teaches these individuals how to act like lawyers.

Your attorney should also have substantial trial experience. Many criminal defense lawyers practice for years and have almost no trial experience. Instead, they look for a quick settlement and an easy way out.

Your attorney should also be dedicated to criminal defense. Criminal defense lawyers have a passion for individual rights. This passion fuels their purpose. Attorneys without this passion lack purpose, and they are not willing to see a case through until the end.

Accessibility is important as well. Your lawyer should be close to your home or office. Furthermore, a lawyer should be professionally accessible. Attorneys who work at big law firms often over-delegate work to less-experienced associates or even non-lawyer paralegals. These professionals are good at what they do, but your attorney should assume primary responsibility for all the work done in your case.

Connect With a Thorough Cobb County Drug Crime Lawyer

Criminal cases have procedural and substantive defenses. For a free consultation with an experienced drug manufacturing lawyer in Cobb County, contact Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. We routinely handle matters in Fulton County and nearby jurisdictions.

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