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Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer / Smyrna Criminal Defense Lawyer

Smyrna Criminal Defense Lawyer

Life can be scary. You could be arrested for a crime at any time, whether or not you are actually guilty. You may have had nothing to do with the crime, but you have been identified as a suspect.

After you have been arrested for a crime, you need to take the right steps. Anything you say to police can and will be used against you. Instead, make sure you stay quiet and hire a lawyer.

You need experience on your side. That’s where Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. comes in. He is an experienced and successful Smyrna criminal defense lawyer who will protect your freedom and future.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

If you are facing a criminal charge, a criminal defense attorney is the most important person on your team. The right lawyer will ensure a defendant is innocent until proven guilty in a case. So will the law. Constitutional laws call for both parties to have equal representation and protection in court, regardless of protected classes such as race, gender, and sexual orientation.

A criminal defense attorney has a tough job. Whether or not the client committed the crime, a lawyer must be judgment-free of their client. They must know all the ins and outs of the case and must do their best to ensure the defendant’s side of the story is heard and understood so the defendant can be cleared of their crime or at the very least, have reasonable punishment.

A criminal defense attorney will work to defend you in court and get you the best outcome possible for your case. It is part of their job to get an overall and in-depth account of the case, viewing it from the defendant’s perspective. The role of a defense attorney is to create a case for the defendant based on the facts.

People are wrongfully accused of crimes every year, so it’s important for lawyers and systems to defend these cases. A criminal defense attorney can ensure you are not wrongfully accused of a crime and that there is proper evidence for any claims that are made against you. If you have been accused of a crime, it’s essential to have a criminal defense attorney on your side to ensure there is proper evidence and accurately defend your case.

A criminal defense lawyer has a lot of responsibilities. They include:

  • Looking over the evidence and laws
  • Completing appropriate paperwork
  • Creating a strategy to argue in favor of the defendant
  • Contacting their client regularly
  • Finding witnesses
  • Collecting evidence in favor of the defendant

Contact Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. Today

If you have been arrested for a crime, there’s a lot at stake. You could lose out on your rights, but you can protect them with the right legal help.

Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. is a former prosecutor providing skilled criminal defense. He boasts a strong record of success in challenging criminal defense cases. He’s ready to work on your case. Contact our experienced Smyrna criminal defense lawyer today by calling (678) 853-2500.

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