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Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer / Marietta DUI Drugs Lawyer

Marietta DUI Drugs Lawyer

All drivers know that operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater is against the law. However, many people do not realize that driving under the influence of drugs, even when they are lawfully obtained in some cases, is also against the law. If you are charged with driving under the influence of drugs, you face the same harsh consequences as those charged with driving while impaired by alcohol. Our Marietta DUI drugs lawyer can help you avoid these penalties by providing the strong defense you need.

The Law on DUI Drugs in Marietta

Georgia’s statutes specifically address the issue of DUI drugs. The law includes the following three provisions:

  • It is against the law for any person to drive while under the influence of any drug to the level that is unsafe for the person to operate a vehicle.
  • No person can drive under the influence of a combination of substances, such as alcohol and drugs, to the level where it is unsafe for them to do so.
  • It is illegal to drive while under the influence of prescription drugs, regardless of whether the person obtained the prescription legally or not.

Unlike when a driver is impaired by alcohol, there is no ‘legal limit’ that can determine if a person is under the influence of drugs. A police officer has the discretion to charge someone based on their mannerisms, observed driving, performance during field sobriety tests, and more.

Drug Recognition Experts (DREs)

It is a common misconception that police officers cannot detect when someone is driving under the influence of drugs. Due to the fact that there is no breath test that can detect when a person is impaired by drugs, many people think there is no way for law enforcement to detect it at all. This is not true.

Many police officers today obtain additional training and certification to become a DRE, or a drug recognition expert. DREs can determine when someone is under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs, and they are also often experts in detecting when a person is impaired by alcohol.

When a police officer is a certified DRE, it brings tremendous credibility to any testimony they provide. Most police departments have a DRE on staff and so, when the arresting officer does not utilize them, it can comprise the case of the police and the prosecution.

Our DUI Drugs Lawyer in Marietta Can Help You Avoid the Harsh Penalties

A drug DUI can result in serious penalties, and jail time is just one of them. At the Law Firm of Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C., our Marietta DUI drugs lawyer knows that people face these harsh consequences when they have simply made a mistake, and even when they have done nothing wrong at all. If you are facing charges, call us now at (678) 853-2500 or fill out our online form to schedule a free review of your case and to learn more about obtaining the defense you need.

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