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Navigating Georgia Drug Charges


Drug crimes are severely penalized in Georgia, with many of those who are convicted of these offenses facing mandatory fines and minimum sentences. Unfortunately, a significant number of individuals who are charged with drug crimes in Georgia don’t realize the gravity of their situation. That’s why it’s so important for defendants to work with an experienced Georgia drug crime lawyer who can help them navigate the court system.

Georgia’s Drug Laws 

Georgia has strict drug laws that prohibit a wide range of activities, including:

  • The possession of a controlled substance;
  • Possession with the intent to distribute a controlled substance;
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia;
  • The manufacture of a controlled substance; and
  • Distribution of a controlled substance.

These charges all range in severity, but even the least serious come with mandatory prison sentences and hefty fines. For instance, the possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor offense that can result in a potential one year jail sentence.

Multiple Drug Charges 

In Georgia, it is rare for a defendant to be charged with only a single drug-related offense. Instead, these situations can quickly escalate, with prosecutors charging someone with multiple crimes. For instance, a person who was found in possession of a controlled substance could also be charged with possession with intent to distribute based purely on the amount of the substance seized and the presence of distribution paraphernalia, like baggies or scales. Because defendants often face multiple charges at once, the penalties for conviction can quickly escalate to many years in prison for a first time offense. Other penalties include fines, probation, community service, and completion of mandatory treatment and drug education programs.

Enhancements and Additional Charges 

Another thing that makes navigating drug charges in Georgia so complex is that many offenses come with enhancements that can significantly increase the penalties that a person faces. For instance, under state law, someone who is accused of committing a drug offense within 1,000 feet of a school or park could face an enhancement of those charges if convicted. Other factors that can lead to the enhancement of a charge include use of a firearm during the crime or the presence of a minor.

Beyond Legal Penalties 

Besides the legal penalties that come with a drug offense conviction in Georgia, those who are found guilty of a drug crime may also experience other profound effects, such as:

  • Loss of employment;
  • An inability to find housing;
  • The loss of professional and driver’s licenses; and
  • Restrictions on educational opportunities.

Even relatively minor charges can have serious consequences, which is why defendants should have a thorough understanding of Georgia’s legal landscape and their own defense options.

An Experienced Cobb County Drug Crime Lawyer 

Call Cobb County drug crime attorney Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C. for help navigating your own Georgia drug charges. We will use our experience and resources to assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome for you and your family. You can reach us at 678-853-2500 or by sending us an online message.


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