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Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer / Blog / DUI Lawyer / Why Should I Hire A DUI Lawyer?

Why Should I Hire A DUI Lawyer?


While you don’t have to hire a DUI lawyer if you are facing DUI charges, there are significant benefits to having one on your side.

DUI cases are handled in criminal court, and you have the right to represent yourself or have legal representation. Most people choose to hire a lawyer or be appointed a public defender by the court, and others believe they can handle their DUI case on their own, thinking it is just a minor charge.

You may be wondering if you should hire a DUI attorney or not to represent you in your case, and it’s a crucial decision that can significantly impact your life. This article will explain why hiring a DUI attorney is the best choice to ensure your case is handled correctly and you have the highest chance of having a favorable outcome in your DUI case.

Top Reasons to Hire a DUI Attorney

Along with getting an expert opinion and having an experienced attorney review your case to identify its strengths and weaknesses, hiring a DUI attorney has several benefits, and representing yourself in criminal court is not the best idea. Consider the following when deciding whether or not you want to hire a DUI attorney.

#1. Your DUI Attorney Will Fight For You To Keep Your License

Of the many benefits of having a DUI attorney, having them fight for your driver’s license is incredibly beneficial, and most often, they will be successful. Without an attorney, the chances of you getting your license back are minimal. Hiring a DUI attorney will likely have you back behind the wheel much faster and able to drive to work or school.

#2. Your DUI Attorney Will Get Your Penalties Reduced

DUI penalties in Georgia range in severity depending on whether you are a first-time or repeat offender. A first-time offender may get off with a more lenient punishment. However, recognizing the possibility of losing your license, paying a fine, having jail time, and more is essential. If you are a second-time DUI offender, you will face much more significant penalties and need to hire a DUI attorney.

Hiring an experienced DUI attorney will improve your chances of getting your sentence reduced and having milder penalties. The ruling will vary depending on the case, and a skilled attorney will fight for your rights and freedom.

#3. Your DUI Attorney Will Save You Time and Money

DUI cases are expensive whether you are paying fines, missing time from work, or other things your DUI impacts. It may seem counterintuitive; however, a DUI lawyer can save you money.

You also will spend significantly less time in the courtroom and be able to focus on other vital issues in your life. In addition, your attorney will know what to focus on when presenting your case and will save you money and time in the long run.

#5. Your Attorney Know About DUI Laws

An experienced DUI attorney will understand how to navigate Georgia’s complex court system and DUI laws, significantly improving your chances in court. They can build a strong case in your favor and create a robust defense based on your circumstances and the evidence.

#6. Your DUI Attorney Will Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

You may think you understand the law; however, some mistakes could harm your case. Hiring an attorney to help guide you will ensure you avoid damaging your chances of reducing your penalties or winning your case.

#7. Your DUI Attorney Will Negotiate On Your Behalf

Depending on your situation, you might be able to get a plea bargain, a reduced charge, or even get your charges dropped. Plea bargains often require you to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge or shorter sentence.

#8. Your DUI Will Help Provide Critical Legal Representation

If there was a death due to the accident and you are facing aggravated charges. Hiring an attorney with experience dealing with DUI cases is vital as you need legal representation.

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