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Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer / Marietta Drug Crime Lawyer

Marietta Drug Crime Lawyer

There are a number of different drug crimes in Marietta, and throughout Georgia. Some significantly differ from others, while certain offenses only have slight distinctions from one another. Regardless of the type of drug crime you have been charged with, the consequences are very serious if you are convicted. Our Marietta drug crimes lawyer can help you avoid those penalties by creating a defense strategy that will help you beat the charges.

Common Drug Crimes in Marietta

While Georgia law does outline many different types of drug crimes, there are some that are more common than others. These include:

Penalties for Drug Crimes in Marietta

A conviction for a drug crime carries significant penalties, which mostly include lengthy prison terms and high fines. The majority of drug crimes in Marietta are classified as felonies and will have a major impact on your future, including making it harder to obtain gainful employment or even a credit card.

The exact penalties one will face depends on the type of charge they were facing. For example, a conviction for marijuana possession will have lighter consequences than a conviction for trafficking cocaine. If a minor is involved in the crime, the charge is automatically upgraded to a felony, which carries much harsher penalties.

Under Georgia law, first time offenders may be eligible for conditional release or a diversion program. The conditional release program is similar to probation. A judge sets certain conditions the defendant must meet for the charges to be dropped. Conditional release is common when the defendant does not have a previous criminal record and the offense is relatively minor. Conditions for conditional release generally include medical treatment and completing a rehabilitation program.

Drug court is another option many courts offer. Drug court is a program that requires participants to obtain regular drug testing, complete a mandatory treatment program, and meet other requirements. The drug court program is stricter than conditional release but if a defendant successfully fulfills all requirements, it can result in a felony charge being dropped.

Our Drug Crimes Lawyer in Marietta Can Help Get Your Charges Dropped

Drug offenses are some of the most serious and a conviction will carry harsh penalties that will affect you now, and in the future. At the law firm of Andrew L. Schwartz, our Marietta drug crimes lawyer cares just as much about your case as you do. We know that the outcome of your case depends on our experience, skill, and knowledge, which is why we apply all of them diligently to every case we take. Call us now at (678) 853-2500 or fill out our online form to schedule a free review of your case.

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