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Qualities You Should Look For in Your Criminal Defense Attorney


Qualities You Should Look For in Your Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s often a terrifying position to be in, and you’re probably anxious to get a reliable criminal defense attorney. But how do you know if the attorney you choose is any good? Will they fight for you?

An excellent criminal defense attorney is crucial if you want any chance at facing a fair and balanced trial. Before you choose the first lawyer you find, consider the qualities that you want in your attorney. Choosing wisely could mean the difference between keeping your freedom or facing time in jail.

Don’t risk your freedom on a lawyer who doesn’t have the skill and experience to defend your freedom. Here are some qualities you should look for when choosing your criminal defense attorney.

Quality #1: Experience and Knowledge

Knowing the ins and outs of the law is your attorney’s job. An excellent criminal defense attorney not only understands the intricacies of the law, but they’ll know how to use the law to give you the best chance of a fair trial.

  • How long has the attorney you’re considering been practicing criminal law? How many cases have they won?
  • How many have they lost?
  • Do they have a reputation for winning, or do they have a track record of making a lot of plea deals?

All of these are questions you should ask before you take anyone on as your criminal defense lawyer. You may even want to consider checking online for reviews or complaints against the attorney before you decide to hire them.

Quality #2: Great Communication

Good communication skills are crucial for any attorney, especially one who will be representing you in a criminal defense case. Not only will these skills help them in the courtroom, but they’ll help when it comes to preparing your defense.

A reasonable attorney will be available to answer your questions and explain the process leading up to your trial. The legal process can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you aren’t familiar with how things work. Therefore, having an attorney who will explain everything to you at each step of the way is essential for your peace of mind.

Of course, an attorney who is good at communicating will also be more likely to perform well during your trial. But, on the other hand, a poor communicator could be detrimental when it comes time to appear in the courtroom, so choose wisely.

Quality #3: Professionalism

Professionalism isn’t just for the courtroom. Any attorney you choose should behave professionally from the minute they meet with you. This professionalism includes being punctual, speaking to you in a respectful way, and maintaining complete confidentiality throughout their interactions with you.

In truth, professionalism is likely one of the most fundamental aspects that any attorney should have, so if the attorney you are considering doesn’t seem professional to you, walk away. An unprofessional attorney could jeopardize your chances of a successful outcome to your trial.

What does professionalism look like in a criminal defense attorney? It looks a lot like respect for you and the justice system. While professionalism can’t guarantee you a win in court, it can help ensure that your case gets handled fairly.

Quality #4: Ethical Respresentation

You’ve probably heard a million jokes about unethical lawyers. Most lawyers have probably heard them, too. But in reality, ethics is more than just a word bandied about in legal circles. Good attorneys take ethics extremely seriously.

An ethical attorney won’t make false promises of an easy win. However, they will make sure that you understand your trial’s risks and potential outcome, and they’ll disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

If your potential attorney comes across as shady or untrustworthy, do yourself a favor and find another lawyer. Unethical behavior could cost you your case and even your freedom.

Quality #5: Preparedness

Being prepared is the single most crucial thing your criminal defense attorney can do to help you win your case. The prosecuting attorneys will come prepared; you can count on that. So if your attorney isn’t willing to do the prep work to defend you, they aren’t worth their fee.

Being prepared may include researching, reviewing evidence repeatedly, visiting crime scenes, or researching the laws regarding your charges so that they can find any possible loopholes to help your case.

Relying on their previous track record in court isn’t enough. If an attorney isn’t willing to prepare specifically for your case and your needs, they aren’t the right attorney for you.

Don’t Risk Your Freedom.

A criminal defense attorney has one job. They are there to defend you against the charges presented against you. If they aren’t willing or able to do that, your freedom could be at risk.

Don’t risk losing your freedom because the attorney you choose isn’t willing to do their job. The Schwartz Law team has been serving Cobb County with experienced, proven legal defense strategies for years. We specialize in DUI cases and drug-related offenses, traffic crimes, and general criminal defense.

We do more than provide you with a knowledgeable Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer — we hold steadfast in defense of your rights as a citizen. Reach out to us now and get your free consultation.

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